Saturday, March 17, 2012

~*Floral Fan Club*~

No longer will I be able to state quite so emphatically, "I do not like floral scents", for upon challenging myself to try at least one with each new order placed, I have been well and truly defeated by the awesomeness of the CBV  garden.

Though there are still some that aren't entirely agreeable to my nose, I will continue to challenge myself a bit further during the course of the spring and summer, so I expect a few more may well be added to the following list:

Raspberry Violet - A cult favorite which receives a lot of love on the Pouring Pot message board, and with good reason. The semi-sweetness of the raspberry blends perfectly with the soft odor of violets.

White Ginger - Freshly soft and sweet, this is a near perfect dupe of Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger body spray. 

Sweet Pea - Just what the name says. Moderately strong, but in no way headache inducing.

Neroli Blossom - The first of the CBV florals to make it's way onto my favorites list. Having spent time living in Phoenix, in an area in which there were many decorative orange trees found in the landscaping, this is somewhat similar to the delicate smell of those trees in bloom. Not tart like a typical orange, this is a warmer, more delicate fragrance.

Iris & Fern - Another of the sweet florals. Very hard to describe, but this brings to mind the beautiful purple irises that can be found dipping their heads along a warm river bank.

Sweet Rose - A true surprise to my olfactory senses as I normally find most rose scented products not only very unpleasant, but also headache inducing. A hint of vanilla adds the perfect touch making this an exception.

Cotton Blossom - I would describe this as  more of a clean dryer sheet type scent rather than a typical floral type.  It's one I use regularly when cleaning the house as I love how fresh it smells.

Cherry Blossom - Slightly woodsy in addition to being softly feminine. If this is what cherry blossoms smell like, I need a tree planted right outside my bedroom window!!

                 "To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat." 
                                                                          ~ Beverly Nichols 


  1. I used to be the same way about florals until I tried CBV. I've tried Raspberry Violet, Neroli Blossom, and White Ginger and love them all! Iris and Fern should be on its way to me soon from my mid-March order so I'm excited to see how it is!

    Love the blog :)

  2. Thank you so much, Jason. I was as pleasantly surprised by Iris and Fern as I have been by many others of Victoria's florals. Hopefully, you will be as well.

  3. Gotta try Iris and Fern too, and I would have never picked it on my own.