Saturday, September 10, 2011

Candles By Victoria...also known as my addiction

What? No way! Seriously? You haven't yet heard of Candles By Victoria; the most amazingly fragrant and highly scented candles known to the greater US and Canada? Well, hang on tight to your hats, seats, horses...whatever...because you're about to take a trip to candle Heaven!!

Based in Van, Texas, CBV (as we addicts lovingly refer to it), is a family run company that's been in business for the past 12 years. Victoria uses 100% fragrance oils and distributes the scent throughout, which allows for a strong lasting fragrance during the entire life of the candle. In addition to the scent strength, which in my opinion (and a lot of others) is unsurpassed; you will also find the best customer service you've ever experienced, prices that are affordable to everyone AND you'll be given a 100% guarantee. What more could you ask for? How about over 600 scents to choose from? Yes, I said 600...with more being added each month!! And let's not forget the wonderful ladies on Victoria's message board..."The Pouring Pot". These are some of the sweetest, most helpful women you'll ever come across, with each one always willing to offer advice and extend a hand in friendship. 

That being said...I know the thought of over 600 scents can be a bit overwhelming. I didn't know where to start either; so I'm posting not only the link to the website, but also the link to the master fragrance list and the message board to help get you started. You'll find everything from bakery to floral; perfume and lotion dupes to tropical; Christmas to earthy and house blends...and more. You can even create your own scent if you so choose!

Want to know my top 10 favorites? Here they are, in no particular order:
1.) Sexy In Stilettos
2.) What Goes Around Comes Around
3.) Mango Sorbet
4.) Cinnamon Donuts
5.) Honey Orange
6.) Wildberry Scone
7.) Peace
8.) Coco Lime Cooler
9.) Sugared Spruce
10.) Granny's Pie Crust

Now what are you waiting for? Go check it out!! And don't forget to hold onto your...ummmm...whatever! :D


  1. Super cute post Deb!!! :D SIS is one of my faves too! :D


  2. Thanks, Sweetie!! I think this is going to be fun :D
    SIS? I need to have Vic pour me a whiskey barrel of this stuff with a big ol''ll even match the western decor in my living room...LOL!!

  3. super nice !! love candles too :D